The Spirit of minerals; specifically precious gems and metals

spirit of minerals

The mysterious crystal ball traditionally made from quartz, was believed to communicate the voices of the spirit world.

by Jarex Schmidt

The Spirit of Minerals – The ancients believed there were four manifestations of Spirit in the Natural World: mineral, plant, animal, and Man. It was believed that as the Spirit developed and evolved, it would pass through each of these “mediums”, in the order stated above, gaining the wisdom and intelligence necessary to take on greater responsibility in the higher cosmic orders. Here is one example of how far this philosophy has come into modern times: Alcohol, also known as spirits, was Alchemically considered the “spirit of the plant” in which it was extracted. Since it did not exist in the plant before the process of fermentation, but only after, it was considered the spirit, or, the purest state of its source.

Gems, otherwise known as crystals, can be defined as follows: A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in a near perfect, ordered pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. In other words, gems are the most perfect form of mineral compounds, existing only when two different elements unite in perfect harmony.
Both gems and metals carry with them the inherent qualities of the planetary bodies that compel them. For example, gold embodies the influences of the Sun, while silver embodies the influences of the Moon. Concerning gems; Ruby, with its radiant red tone, belongs to the fire sign of Aries, bringing warmth, strength and vitality into its domain. It is the Spirit or Life-force of these special minerals that act as a conduit, carrying with them vital energies of the planetary and astral bodies to one who chooses to wear these sacred adornments.
As Man/Woman, we are at the top of the hierarchy of spiritual development in the Natural World. Without the use of the other three “mediums” of mineral, plant and animal, we could not exist. This symbiosis between these four “mediums” of Nature is evidence of their significance in our overall development physically, mentally and spiritually. If we apply this philosophy to gems and precious metals, it seems quite possible there is much more than meets the eye concerning Earths most prestigious offerings and their application in jewelry. The ancients were well aware of these special qualities concerning the Spirit of minerals, which gave rise to the popularity of amulets and talismans in those times. For those who are optimistic concerning the mysterious nature that compel our existence,  there is a lot of good information available to better understand how these forces work and what we can do to utilize their infinite potential. Hermetics and Alchemy are always a good start on this path to collective wisdom. Here is an article that briefly outlines the cosmic influences

When searching for the next piece to add to your collection, pay close attention to the source of its creation and intentions of the goldsmith or gem cutter. Also, gems and minerals that have been mined using inhumane conditions, certainly carry with them the negative qualities in which they were subjected to. There are so many “affordable” options out there when it comes to jewelry, from 3D printed wedding rings to generic costume jewelry and imitation stone settings. From a goldsmith to a collector I would like to share my thoughts on this matter: treat yourself to “Greatness” and invest in precious minerals when looking to adorn your intelligently created body. I can assure you your presence will be enhanced with splendor!


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    This is a great article on the "feeling" one gets when they wear nice jewelry. I always wanted to put this into words, thanks!
  2. Pocahontas Reply
    Eloquently written! Perfect introduction to the wonderous world of gems & crystals...

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